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Why We Are Different?

Dr. Kota J. Reddy is the founder of Reddy Cardiac Wellness and is a well known and recognized Houston cardiologist with a complete and comprehensive knowledge of Houston heart diseases, Houston heart disease symptoms.

As a leading authority on Houston cardiology, Houston heart healthy foods, and the Houston heart healthy diet, also known as the Reddy Diet, Dr. Reddy stands tall as a nationally recognized Houston heart doctor. Reddy Cardiac Wellness is a leader in the field of heart health and heart well being.

"Preventing and reversing heart disease is our standard of care." - Dr. Kota J. Reddy | Note: Heart disease means Plaque formation, Atherosclerosis in the Arteries.

Reddy Bread

Low Carb, Gluten free Heart Healthy Bread, High fiber Flax bread. Flax bread based on Diabetic study which was presented to the American Heart Association 2013. Excellent for Diabetes and those trying to lose weight.

Eat This, Lose That

Read this book and learn how to manage Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and to lose weight with food instead of medications

Venous Procedure

Do you suffer from ?
  • Varicose Veins
  • Pain in the Legs
  • Swelling Limbs
  • Leg Heaviness
  • Skin changes
  • Ulcers

Reddy Diet Program

Learn how the diet program can help you lose weight, manage Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Heart disease without injections, supplement or added vitamins,antioxidants/minerals.

"Learn to treat food like medication and use the Grocery store instead of the Pharmacy".


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95 year old loses 160 lbs without exercise, reversed Diabetes, high blood pressure without medication. Drops her wheelchair and is walking after 3 years.
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