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Weight Loss Plan | Recommended by Houston Cardiologist

Here at Reddy Cardiac Wellness we are proud to suggest the “Reddy Diet” to our heart conscious patients as a way to stave off and control their risk factors concerning heart disease and Houston weight loss. All Houston weight loss plans are not created equal and we have seen the results of the “Reddy Diet” first hand and we are convinced by the weight loss experienced by our patients that the “Reddy Diet” is a proven Houston weight loss plan.

The “Reddy Diet” is not just a Houston weight loss diet, it's a total change of lifestyle for our patients at Reddy Cardiac Wellness and those non-patients that choose to follow our diet plan to help gain control of their heart health. The structure of the “Reddy Diet” is designed to make your body extinguish its cravings for starch and sugars, by filling it with the meats, fruits, vegetables, and plant proteins that will keep it feeling full and satisfied longer, without the unhealthy addiction to saturated fats, sugars, and starches that we've grown accustomed to.